Your service provider for software development in
digital signal processing & embedded systems

Developement of full system software, including drivers and bootloader.

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Take advantage of 20 years of embedded software experience

With our support many significant customer projects were developed already and made ready for the market.

We specialize in the following industry sectors:

You need additional man power
or further know-how for your development department?

You’re in pre-development phase, at project start or in the middle of development already?

You want to develop parts or the complete software externally?

You’re software runtime (e.g. of an algorithm) is too long and doesn’t meet requirements anymore?

Your development department is short of resources?

You have to meet deadlines and urgently need technical support?

Your software is not optimally adapted to the hardware?

You need additional expertise to advance your project?

We bring your hardware to life with real-time software

Do you encounter problems with real-time constrains of your system?
With the help of optimizations of algorithms and processes we can reduce run times and ensure real-time and stability. engineering – Top-level software development for
digital signal processing & Embedded Systems

Software engineer Milan Bajza and his team offer top-level expertise and quick implementation.

We develop your entire system software

including drivers and bootloader.

We already have the answers to your
embedded software questions

which you maybe did not even think about.

We are spezialized in run-time optimization of algorithms

and save you from undesired distraction from your core skills.

We set up your embedded system (real-time operation included) and make it stable

while you can concentrate on other priorities.

We are fast, we are flexible and we know what we do.

Why we are the ideal partner for you

Take advantage of our profile:

Significant know-how in
embedded system programming

DSPs, SoCs and Microcontroller

Development of system software including drivers and bootloader

programmed, implemented and tested by us

Expertise in digital signal processing

of audio, video and measurement systems

Substantial experience from 20 years of software development

there is almost nothing that we haven’t seen already

Own laboratory with
state-of-the-art equipment

qualifies us to instantly start with your hardware and work efficiently

From pre-development to production release

we guide you through the entire process

Comprehensive contact with your development department

because transparency is important for us

Plus: Our personal connection to Texas Instruments

a faster and better service for TI processors guaranteed

We are offering you:

If you are looking for all of this and a proficient and reliable partner…

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We will gladly discuss your projects and requirements with you.
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Often we can give initial impulses to boost your project.